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Efficiency, detail and innovation are what motivates me to bring strategic solutions to your next design. 


Fueled by a strong passion for design, I generate superior work under the toughest deadlines.


Committed to finding the solution by discovering how design best expresses your goal to deliver powerful results.  

Defining Design with Passion

The Artist: Emilie Rainsberry

Hi! I'm a designer based out of Minneapolis, MN providing 15+ years of experience specializing in identity design, brand marketing, corporate communications and digital media. 

Testimonial from Peter Davis, Ideal Printers. "Creative, thorough, resourceful, and talented - these are just some of Emilie's skills and abilities. With her work at the Wolves/Lynx and Target Center, Emilie handles a wide variety of projects -- projects that demand great creativity, accuracy and speed, and she makes it look effortless. She gets ideas and concepts finished under incredibly tight deadlines - all with a sense of humor and charm. I enjoy working with Emilie - I know the work she does will always stand out."

Featured Project #1: Flight Training Catalog

Aerosim Flight Academy delivers professional flight training in worldwide training centers and in next-generation simulators and aircraft. This catalog contains information for prospective students on how their journey will take flight when training at the Academy. The fun passport-style design with bold and vibrant images gives them a glimpse of life as a pilot. 

Project highlights: Creative Concepting | Layout Design | Photo Shoot Direction

* Larger image can be found in the portfolio section.

Featured Project #2: World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow

This event is the world's largest gathering of aviation training professionals from over 50 countries. Aerosim’s booth stood out among the crowd by featuring a sleek design and creative use of imagery. It featured three separate business segments that are all unified by consistent design elements, while still giving each branch its own identity by strategic color usage. 

Project highlights: Environmental Design | Creative Concepting | Vendor Sourcing

* Larger image below in the portfolio section.

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